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FFM Day 28
    I walked in that shop with a head full of dreams and a heart ready to win. I left with a handful of black marbles and no idea why.
    Each marble was black with a tiny sparkle inside, swirling, spiraling, and zigzagging like phosphene. I wasn’t sure where I learned that word or even what it meant, but it seemed like the right word for what I saw inside them. Strange, beautiful, and mystical was what they were. They held the answers I needed, though what those answers were was a mystery.
    Until I dropped one.
    Then there was a shadow that passed over me. For the briefest moment, I knew everything. The whole of the universe was laid out before me, and I could see the patterns in it all. There was a rhyme and reason for it all. There was a purpose to it all, though we lowly mortals were but a tiny part. Our place wouldn’t stop it, merely slow it down.
    And then it
:icontealya:Tealya 2 1
The Enchanted Hallow Coffee Shop
    The coffee shop was always quiet but never empty. The ladies who made the coffee always had a smile and jiggled their glittery wings for the patrons who popped in. The patrons thought it was cute, but none realized the wings couldn’t come off.
    Or that a pinch of fairy dust kept them forever addicted.
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
FFM 26 2016
    From the beginning, his wings weren't like the others in the litter. While the other chicks were mostly brown with bits of white underneath, his were striped. All griffin chicks started out brown, but he was the only one that turned black instead of gold. His eyes were a rich polished bronze and his beak a little smaller and duller.
    Then, when they turned a year old, he did something none of the others did — he spoke. It was just one word at first, but others soon followed. It wasn't long before he was talking like there was no tomorrow.
    Seven chicks and he was the only one like his mother. He was the only one that could speak and think and understand. One chick who did not turn savage and decide I and other people were food.
    And like his mother, I had to keep him separate from the world for fear that they would find out and try to use him, hurt him, or worse. Too many people will
:icontealya:Tealya 2 1
Choose your Own
    There was a knock at the door, which is not the sort of thing you want to hear in the middle of planning a heist. Everyone was already there, so it wasn’t someone we were expecting. I looked at you, hoping you might have the answer.    
    — Answer the door? Go to 1
    — What’s that smell? Go to 2
    You got up and answered the door while the rest of us tried to stash away the maps and plans. I don’t know about you, but we were all praying it wasn’t a cop.
    The door creaked open, revealing a little old lady with coke bottle glasses. 
    — Ask her what she wants? Go to 3
    — Tell her to scram! Go to 4
    Not sure. Kinda smelled like
:icontealya:Tealya 0 1
Sister of the Eastern Mother
    For as long as anyone had recorded history, the gods of the four corners slept, yet it was told that there was a time when they would awaken again. When they were needed, they would rise from the earth, shake off their rusty bonds and return to their former glory.
    Until then, it was up to the maids to care for them. The maids were to keep watch for any signs of stirrings. They were to make the offers, whisper the prayers, and warm their cold metal hearts.
    “Our first offering is our hair,” Head Mother of the order explained as she took the scissors to my long black hair. “Vanity has no place among the sisterhood. We show that we are maids first and women second. Our devotion must be complete and whole. Who we were no longer matters. All that matters is who we are now.”
    I stared at the mirror as she clipped the hair close to my scalp. It was hard to let go. A woman
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
    Harsh words.
    Violent actions.
    We eyed them from the shadows. Now was the time to strike. Our patience was bearing fruit. Bearing new prey to strengthen us all.
    Only humans would be so loud. Only humans forgot their place. No other prey would forget to be silent in the darkness. No other prey refused t
    They moved from their den of wood and stone into the dark evening. One was separating himself, showing his weakness. Showing he was the weakest of the herd, ready to be picked off.
    As one, we moved low to the ground. Our feet were quiet. We knew every stick, rock, and tree. We are one with the cool night. The leaves are soft and quiet from the recent rains. The musky stench of his soap wafts through the crisp air.
    Prey. The unawakened one is prey. He so willing
:icontealya:Tealya 3 2
Truth or Justice
    “You either get truth or justice, not both.”
    “Why can’t I have both?”
    “Spousal privilege. If I tell you the truth, you can not repeat it in court and must actively hide it. I will walk free with no punishments. If I say nothing, you may find out what happened, but you will never hear the truth from me. You live forever only knowing the barest of details. I will hold the intimate ones until I die.”
    “That is unfair.”
    “But it is the way it is.”
    “But I’ll be blamed!”
    “You’ll be blamed either way. You either knew and said nothing or they’ll think you helped. When I go down, you will be going down with me. So which is it? Truth or justice?”
    “Fine. Truth. It’s not like I’m getting
:icontealya:Tealya 1 0
ST Sat?
    He’d painted a giant happy face on the window of her car. What’s worse, it was made to look like a smiling Princess Leia with the words ‘SW Sat?’ next to it. She was not amused. He was a grown man, for God’s sake. Why couldn’t he act like one, instead of some lonely teenager who just made a friend for the first time? They were both middle aged divorcees, way passed this youthful nonsense.
    She shook off the squeegee and glared at the offending image. Next time she saw him, she was not letting him hear the end of this. She had work.
    It was a movie, not some life altering revelation. You wouldn’t know that from the way he told it. A movie was not something to get this excited about. It certainly wasn’t a reason to paint her window.
    She eyed the little smiling face. ST Sat? Did she want to see Star Wars again? It would be the fifth time they saw it
:icontealya:Tealya 1 2
Temple of the Insane
    Gorillas dressed in armor. I really didn’t think that needs further description. Okay, maybe a little more. They were gorillas in rusty armor standing in front of a door arguing with “oh-oh” and “ah-ah” sounds.
    Vampie, my temporary vampire companion, looked at me with this odd expression, like he couldn’t decide if he should laugh or be horrified.
    I couldn’t blame him. I was at a loss too. It wasn’t that we hadn’t encountered weird things in this horrible place already. It was just that this was beyond anything I had been trained for.
    Not that I was saying I was trained for any of this. I was a mage. Ages were supposed to have quiet lives in libraries and such. We weren’t made for adventuring.
    We had to get passed them, though. There was no other way to go, or at least no close other way to go and I wasn
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
Sideways Steve
    There are a million different ways I imagined this going, but I can honestly say this wasn't one of them. My back was against one wall and my front against the other with now way to move at all.
    I should back up and explain. I was chasing the kid who stole the Shard of the God's Tear when he climbed up on this roof. Now, I had to get that shard back. It is a priceless, sacred artifact brought back from the war. The king and priests would never allow it to so easily fall in the hands of anyone else.
    So I chased the kid. I was going to get it back. He climbed up to the roof. I followed. He jumped to the next building over. I followed. He stepped over a gap between the shop roof and the top of a house. I followed.
    Or at least I intended to. Instead I stepped right between the buildings and went straight down the narrow gap.
    I wasn't hurt, but damn was I stuck. As you can
:icontealya:Tealya 0 2
Pliny the Elder
    The letter hadn’t been quite clear on what was happening. All it said was Vesuvius was billowing smoke like it was burning yet the sides of the mountain were not on fire. Fires happened from time to time, so Pliny wasn’t sure why people would need recusing.
    Then his fleet arrived. The mountain was burning, but this was like no fire he had seen before. Thick dark smoke filled the air, making it heavy in the lungs. Occasional blasts of thunder roared above. Rocks pelted down from the sky then floated on the water like some sort of ungodly magic run amok. Liquid fire spit into the air and ran like small rivers down the side.
    There were no words to describe this carnage. Nothing could capture the pure terror of it all.
    Yet the winds carried them into the harbor where people huddled on the beaches. The gods wanted them there. The gods were granting them access to this madness. Thousan
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
Ride the Rainbow
    “Have you ever done it before?” she asked as she jabbed the needle into the rainbow filled vial.
    The answer was no, of course, but Liam didn’t want to appear stupid, so he gave a quick nod. He’d already come this far, meeting her in this run down abandoned house just outside of town. This was not time to back out now.
    “This isn’t kids stuff, you know,” she added, watching him closely with her dark eyes.
    He licked his lips. “I’m not a kid.”
    The girl grinned and snorted out a laugh. “You’re still in high school. You’re still a kid.”
    Liam pushed up his sleeve and held it out to her. “I paid you, didn’t I? I cam here for a some unicorn blood and I’m getting it.” She was only a couple of years older, so where did she get off calling him a kid.
:icontealya:Tealya 0 1
    Each one was little more than the size of his hand. All glowed a faint yellow color as it wafted through the air like it was dancing, luring in travelers. Dancing between the trees, they looked like they were blinking like the light from a candle. This close, though, he could see what was really happening.
    Someone once told Tony about this, but who? He couldn’t remember, so he wasn’t sure if they were warning or bragging about it. Was it a man or a woman that told him? That would help.
    A breeze sauntered through the forest, making the lights swirl like dandelion seeds in the air.
    Dangerous or friendly? Good or bad? Why couldn’t he remember?
    Wait, why was he here again? Tony pinched his eyes shut, trying to remember why he was in the forest. It had something to do with a girl, but didn’t everything have to do with women? He was a knight. Saving
:icontealya:Tealya 2 1
    Agatha pulled on her hat and pushed up her glasses. The sky was fuchsia and orange. Ra’s wrath had passed, as they said. That’s what everyone called the hot daytime hours when they land sizzled and baked. Mom said was it was a reference to some ancient religion, but she never knew more than that.
    Boxie followed her, ears up but nose to the ground. She gave the slate gray dog a pat on the head.
    Though the sun hadn't fully set, she could feel the temperature dropping over the open sand. Dust devils danced around the edges of the factory. A scene from Hell, the adults called it. A place where only the wicked and condemned lived. What made the her or Boxie wicked, she couldn’t say, but it was said often enough that she couldn’t deny it. They were living in Hell, so they must have done something.
    Rodchester Packing Plant, the faded emerald sign read.
:icontealya:Tealya 3 2
Perv Temple
    “Is that …?”
    Vampie nodded. “Yep.”
    “Honestly, by God, that …?”
    “Indeed, my dear Mage.”
    I couldn’t find words. It was bad enough we still hadn’t found a way out of the templed, and my belly was demanding the last bits of dried fruit and chicken jerky in my bag. This creepy crazy temple full of creepy crazy creatures had now just jumped head first off the bizarro cliff.
    “That’s it,” I declared, stamping my staff on the ground. “I’m officially changing the name of this place to perv temple.”
    Vampie gave me a sideways look and smirked. “Can’t handle a little nudity?”
    “This …” I gestured to the large painted clay pots. “… is more than a little nudit
:icontealya:Tealya 2 2
Cthulhu Rises
    They spent years preparing for this. It was a gamble at best but they could see no other options. One evil or the other. The strange pale people who had come looking for rocks with dead creatures inside didn’t understand. They did not know what the village was doing. They didn't understand the flowers dropped in the volcano or the pig the roasted and offered to her scalding depths.
    She had slept for so long. Waking her was dangerous. She was never peaceful. All of their lives would be at risk, but what other choice did they have. He was waking. He left his dreams and was coming. Times was short. It had to work.
    Everyone in the village stood on the beach, chanting her name. “Tūtū Pele. Tūtū Pele.” This had become their evening ritual for the past month. Just as the sun dipped in the sky and turned the water dark and the sky fire orange, they would come. They couldn’t stop.
:icontealya:Tealya 4 3

Random Favourites

Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns by Majnouna Guide to Horse Colors and Patterns :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 3,845 329
The man walks into his favorite cafe at twelve-thirty sharp, as he does every day. He takes a seat by the window and unfolds the daily paper, before the waitress asks for his order. The man will inevitably ask for the normal BLT sandwich and a cup of coffee, with creamer. It takes about ten minutes depending on the day, but the man isn't very bothered. He is tranquil, instead, enjoying the peace, a change from his normal lifestyle. This little break has been his solace for months now.
And I'm going to kill him with a bullet that costs less than his coffee.
I've measured the distance. It's four hundred meters, just a few mils of drop for my .308. It would get him in the middle of the forehead, messy, but painlessly. Lights out. There would be some panicked screams and the police would be called. I would be down the stairs and out by the time the first cop reached the door. It'd all be quiet and clean, just how it should be. I know that it's worth it, for me at least.
I'm going to shoot
:iconjohn-234:John-234 4 13
Flash Fic Month '11. July 15th
Twins are psychic, you know.
I saw this movie once, that had this pair of little girl twins that looked just like those creepy old-fashioned dolls with black dresses and petticoats and curls, and they could read each other's minds, and when they held hands and sang this horrible little song, they could make people do stuff. They got this one guy to gouge out his own eyes with a plastic fork, and they got this other guy to murder his wife with the hedge cutters.
I know what you're thinking; that's just a movie, it isn't real, and I know that, I'm not stupid, but twins are psychic. The identical ones anyway. I met this woman once while I was on the train, and we got talking about her cats, and I mentioned my black and white, Rollo. Later, I saw her identical twin in a coffee shop, but she knew exactly what me and her twin had been talking about on the train! When I confronted her about it, she insisted she didn't have a twin, but I'm not an idiot, I knew she w
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Dragon Girl - Revisited Lines by Miserie Dragon Girl - Revisited Lines :iconmiserie:Miserie 83 6
Better Not To Know
This morning felt like the birth of a thousand days. Sunlight streamed through my windows, I woke up chipper, and it even smelled right. I like days that smell right.
I picked out my favorite jeans and t-shirt and ate my favorite breakfast. I picked up the phone and called.
If you hadn't answered, I would've sauntered down to the library where I would've spent hours curled up in a leather chair with books tucked into my fingers. I would've walked home leaving a trail of words behind me.
You answered. We talked about orange juice and toothpaste and cereal. We talked about shoes. We talked about plays.
You asked me what I wanted to do today, and I panicked. I hate decisions. "Well, we were just talking about plays," I managed. "Why don't we go see one?"
We met at our usual corner. You grinned. I laughed. We took the subway and walked a few blocks where you bought our tickets. Thank you for buying our tickets. If you hadn't bought my ticket, I couldn't have afforded to stay, and I would h
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A Key Point
Hello. I'm your left shift key. You know, on your keyboard? I think it's time we had a little chat.
See, I think I have things better than some others I know. Like my friends P, A, I, and N – you know those keys? - well, they've been feeling used. Whenever you open up Microsoft Word, they just start groaning because they feel your poetry coming. Me, though, I guess I'm just feeling ignored. Unappreciated. You know the feeling? I know you do. I saw that poem about your family. Tough stuff, right there. I feel you, I really do.
I know you feel all deep without me. Like the restraints I put upon you shackle your inner poet. I'm not uncool. Believe me, I am down with the youngsters. And I know the time it takes to capitalize could cause your conversation about your English teacher to Tanya to drag. I am the most understanding key on your keyboard, believe me. Not like Insert. Believe me, that guy's a total asshole. But I just think you really haven't considered all the dynamics
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B. "Tealya" Lord
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I am a writer and hobby artist who is currently working on getting her first book put out. Most of my art is digital, though I have been branching out, getting back into ink and charcoals as well as experimenting with some pastels and watercolors.

My first book, Kithryn Mythrin Book 1: Magic, Mystics, and Mayhem, is about a mythrin named Kit who is dragged into an assassination plot of the prince of Mertia where the only people not trying to him are those that would benefit most. Chaos (and some hilarity) ensues as Kit tries to decide if it is really worth her time and neck to save this prince. I'm hoping to have the book out in September. In the mean time, you can read more about the characters and the world at my website:

I also run two webcomics: and Feel free to check those out.


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