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Running in the Woods
    I wasn’t planning on running naked through the woods. It’s just I didn’t want to be caught by her father.
    Her father that trained vicious attack dogs.
    I shouldn’t have snuck in last night. I shouldn’t have made out with her.
    I really shouldn’t have stayed after and fallen asleep.
    Some might say lesson learned, but I’m guessing those people aren’t currently being chased through the woods by dogs.
    While naked.
    Man, I really hate bushes. Their branches are freaking sharp.
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Mother's Arms
    My mother’s hands weren't a woman’s hands. They were too big and strong, flexed and well muscled as the cradled my one year old brother, Liam. Given the way she squirmed, I could tell Mom’s back ached. Still she stood, rocking back and forth, humming my brother ’s favorite lullaby.
    I tried to keep watching, but the mind of a four year old can pay attention for only so long. My eyes hurt and I wanted to go out and play. Not right now, Mom had said.
    Liam had been crying, but he was quiet now. His eyes were closed. His breathing was shallow. He was asleep.
    I knew why I couldn't go out, but I was as four. I wanted to go. Outside, it was hot. It was the middle of June after all. The sprinkler was in the middle of the backyard, begging to be turned on and run through. Why couldn't I go out there for just ten minutes, or even just five? Liam would still be asleep when I came
:icontealya:Tealya 3 1
No One Survives the Butterflies
    Allie wasn't sure how she got there, but she knew she didn't want to stay. This small mountain cabin was a bone biting cold even with a fire going. The wind outside had been wailing since she arrived. The snow came up to her knees, making gathering wood for the meager fire difficult.
    Most of all, she didn't want to stay because these people she woke up next to were all crazy.
    The two men said they'd been there for years, but she wasn't sure she believed that. According to them, the snow never melted and the wind never let up. That didn't seem possible. Spring had to come eventually. Sure, they must have been there a long time, but not years. Allie refused to believe that.
    Then there was the ranting about giant insects. Butterflies were brought up a lot. The two told horror stories about the butterflies. They were out of their minds. It was the only sane conclusion.
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Cake or Death
    This was it. The point of no return.
    The two ninja warriors sat on opposite sides of the table. Negotiations had broken down. The was no way out of this. War was the only solution. A battle to the death. Winner take all. The loser would be left humiliated in the dirt for everyone to see.
    This wasn’t how either wanted this to go. They were brothers after all. It wasn’t right for brothers to fight, but neither would back down.
    They’re brown eyes locked. No words needed to be said. Each knew how the other thought. They had been brothers all their lives. They shared everything, from a birthday to the same little spray of freckles.
    But this was too much. There was no sharing this.
    “Oh for god’s sakes, boys. Just cut the last piece of cake in half,” Mom exclaimed as she brought over a knife. She cut the cake in hal
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
We Too Shall Rise
    Lyra set the egg gently on the shore next to the other boats, then scrambled to shove our boat out to sea. I wasn’t sure why we had to be fast, but I knew not to question my teacher. I gripped onto the sides of the boat as she moved it out into the waves. The whole boat rocked as she threw herself in. Wasting no time, she grabbed an oar in the boat and rowed until we were further out.
    “Watch,” she ordered.
    I did. Behind us, the old castle burned. It was abandoned when we came to live there a year ago. Our safe haven in this nightmare of a world. How the hunters found us, I don't know, and I don't think I ever will. Hunters had no magic, yet they always found the witches like us.
    Everything suddenly became silent. Had I gone deaf?
    An unnatural ripple radiated from the shore. The waves dissolved for a moment. On the shore, the sand ripples then went fu
:icontealya:Tealya 1 0
    Dawn had no idea what to expect as she approached the house. There was noise inside, but she couldn’t tell if it was friend or foe.
    Friend. That was an odd concept. She’d been alone for three years now. It was so hard to believe there could be other survivors here.
    Now wasn’t the time to back down, though. Not if this was her chance to find others. It didn’t smell of death. It smelled faintly of cooked meat, like burgers and hotdogs on the grill, not the rabbits and ducks she laid over her fire pit.
    Dad made hotdogs over the grill. Everyone was swimming except for Dawn. She was on her period and too embarrassed to try a tampon like Mom suggested. Sitting under the covered patio, she watched Dad flip the burgers.
    Then, all at once, everyone’s cell phones lit up. It was like something straight out of a movie.
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    “We must!”
    “We can't.”
    “But there must be a way!”
    “There isn't.”
    “But —”
    “And stop shouting. That won't help.”
    “Help! Yes! We should get help!”
    “Didn't I just —”
    “Quick, who d’we call in a situation like this? The fire department ? Police? Hospital?”
    “No one.”
    “There must be someone.”
    “There isn't.”
    “But but but —”
    “It's a microwave. You put metal in it. It's gone. Frankly, I'm shocked you didn't burn the house down.”
    “But then I don't ha
:icontealya:Tealya 4 1
Book of Life
    Desi clutched the book like her life depended on it, because it did. It looked harmless enough, just a book of children’s fairytales. No one would suspect it. As long as no one looked inside, she was fine.
    She kept the book at her side to avoid suspicion. Most of her one hand was hidden under her sleeve. The stump where her right hand should be was kept hidden under her long sleeve. If they saw she was missing a hand, they would search her. It didn’t matter why she really was missing a hand, all the guards would see was the mark of a thief. They would search.
    And if they searched and find it.
    The line of people shuffling into the dusty, sandy city was long and moving at a painfully slow pace. The sun would set soon and then they would search everyone, one handed or two. They always searched everyone after dark.
    “Why is this taking so long?” she
:icontealya:Tealya 3 1
Super Leroy
    Superheroes had their things. Super villains had their own.
    And then there was Leroy.
    Oh, sure, Leroy had super strength and flight and heat rays could shoot out of his eyes, but that didn’t define him. There was so much more to him than his super powers. He could paint, for example. He also owned a pet parrot. Not a super pet parrot, just a regular one. The bird once belonged to the old lady in the apartment below him, but when she died, he agreed to take the bird. He hadn’t been much of a bird person until he owned a parrot. Now he rather liked them.
    No one appreciated those things, though. All they cared about was this meteor hurtling towards Earth or some plague the new super villain of the month was going to release. They just wanted him to save them all from certain death yet again. People only cared about his super powers, not who he was as a person. It was enough to make
:icontealya:Tealya 2 4
How to be a Superhero
    It was only the fifth day and superhero school officially sucked.
    Give it a try, Dad said. Maybe you’ll enjoy it. Maybe you’ll want to be a real superhero someday.
    That was definitely not going to happen.
    “You made it. How disappointing,” Mr. Glassger droned out.
    Natalie pulled herself out of the pool feeling half drowned. Her dark hair was plastered against her face and her brown eyes were just about popping out of her head. This obstacle course was not sixth grader approved. She never thought she’d miss public school. At least there, everyone was afraid of her. She was the creepy kid that made things explode with her mind, destined to be the greatest super villain of all time.
    So Dad sent her to superhero school.
    What a shame she couldn’t make Mr. Glassger’s head explode. She t
:icontealya:Tealya 2 0
Sumer is the Bravest, Wisest Man of All Time
    It was hot, but thankfully a dry, heat so none of us were baking too bad in the sun. We’d been walking through the desert for a while when we came across this other group of people calling themselves Ubaidians. Truth be told, they were an ugly lot. It was clear from their thin, sand-worn faces that they’d been living in the harsh desert for a while.We knew the feeling. None of us were any better off. Sure’ we were better looking, better fed, but we were just as dirty and tired.
    We camped out on opposite sides of the grass fields and watched each other all night. It was nerve racking. The last people we met attacked us. Called us names and drove us out. We knew nothing about these people.
    A hot dawn crested the hills, bathing the area in a hot gold light. A wind passed over the area, carrying the scent of grass and distant herds wed been following. Then we saw him, standing out there in the grassla
:icontealya:Tealya 2 1
The Power of Humans
    It was a long hike following the river deep into the hills. Seven year old Leo didn’t see the point, but his dad was insistent. “You’ll understand when you get there,” his father repeated every time Leo complained. Eventually Leo gave up complaining. There was no point. When his father set his mind to something, there was no talking him out of it.
    Then, cresting the top of the hill, he saw it rising above the trees. Strange metal and stone buildings taller than any he could have imagined. This was nothing like the little cottages of home. Curved walkways stretched between buildings. Trees grew from the sides of the buildings and ivy covered whole walls. Birds nested in the nooks and crannies. The buildings were dusty and dirty, but still standing tall. With a little cleaning, they looked like they would be new again.
    Then some of the fog cleared and he saw the white palace in the distance. I
:icontealya:Tealya 3 1
She Isn't Human
    The flames danced over the slowly dying fire, clinging to any part of the log not yet burned. The others were asleep.
    Except Vira. She was awake, of course. Her kind didn’t sleep. Even if she did pretend. She was in the tree, looking like a beautiful woman propped against the trunk with one leg hanging down. A real person would have fallen out. Not her, though. That wasn’t even a real body, just a facade put up for the rest of us.
    I stared at the fire clinging for life. There was no wood left to feed it. It would go out soon, not that we needed it. The night was warm and so far, we hadn’t encountered any dangerous animals.
    Assuming you didn’t count Vira.
    A log suddenly dropped on the fire, making me jump.
    Looking back, I saw Vira smirk. One amber eyes was open. With a chuckle, it closed again.
:icontealya:Tealya 1 2
We Must Always Remember
    “The important thing is what didn’t happen here today and let us never forget that.”
    Kel stared at her like she’d just sprouted a second head. “Are you out of your mind?”
    Ignoring him, Desi looked over the controls to the zephyr they’d stolen. It was supposed to be run by a crew of ten. She planned on doing it with just the two of them. He’d thought the plan was to stowaway on board. Then she went and pulled an alarm that made everyone abandon ship and took off.
    “Where the hell did you learn to fly a zephyr?” He demanded.
    The long fingers on her one hand traced over the controls. “You’ll need to pilot it. Takes two hands to do that. Most of the rest can be done with one.”
    He folded his arms together. “You’re not listening to me. Again.”
:icontealya:Tealya 1 1
A Simple Question
    It was a simple question without a simple answer. A yes or no was expected, but how does one pick which to use.
    He sat cloaked in shadows, wearing all black. Even his skin was dark, reflecting only faint pieces of the candle light. Had anyone else come across him, they might have thought him death itself sitting on the bridge. 
    The woman in red didn’t make such an assumption. She stopped just a few paces from him and stood there staring. She didn’t move closer. She didn’t move away. Both already knew why the other was there. It was time. The question didn’t need to be asked, but it did need to be answered.
    After several minutes, he stood and walked over to her. She waited. He held out a thin hand, but didn’t touch her. She needed to take his hand, not the other way around. “You are certain?”
    She gave a nod, but said nothi
:icontealya:Tealya 3 3
The Cat
    I was sitting in the front row of a conference room, listening to the buzz of the AC. My mind was still trying to sort out how I got here and why I was wearing this strange new dress. There were others, all looking as puzzled as me, but none of us spoke to each other. Personally, I didn’t want to. I just wanted to go home. I had things to do and no time for whatever this was.
    In the front of the room was a desk with a pitcher labeled ‘Palm Wine.’ A little note under it said it was good for cleaning out the body and soul, whatever that meant. I wasn’t interested.
    Why was I here and why were there no doors?
    There was a loud click and a door appeared behind the desk. For a second, I thought I had to be dreaming. It couldn’t be real.
    Then a brown, spotted cat walked in the door. She sauntered up to the desk and hopped on, then sat like some cat st
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I am a writer and hobby artist who is currently working on getting her first book put out. Most of my art is digital, though I have been branching out, getting back into ink and charcoals as well as experimenting with some pastels and watercolors.

My first book, Kithryn Mythrin Book 1: Magic, Mystics, and Mayhem, is about a mythrin named Kit who is dragged into an assassination plot of the prince of Mertia where the only people not trying to him are those that would benefit most. Chaos (and some hilarity) ensues as Kit tries to decide if it is really worth her time and neck to save this prince. I'm hoping to have the book out in September. In the mean time, you can read more about the characters and the world at my website:

I also run two webcomics: and Feel free to check those out.


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