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    “You either get truth or justice, not both.”

    “Why can’t I have both?”

    “Spousal privilege. If I tell you the truth, you can not repeat it in court and must actively hide it. I will walk free with no punishments. If I say nothing, you may find out what happened, but you will never hear the truth from me. You live forever only knowing the barest of details. I will hold the intimate ones until I die.”

    “That is unfair.”

    “But it is the way it is.”

    “But I’ll be blamed!”

    “You’ll be blamed either way. You either knew and said nothing or they’ll think you helped. When I go down, you will be going down with me. So which is it? Truth or justice?”

    “Fine. Truth. It’s not like I’m getting out of this anyway.”

    “Very well, it was me this whole time. I did it. All of it.”

    “Every single time?”


    “Does anyone else know?”

    “Nope, but sooner or later, Janice will learn the truth.”

    “She’ll demand payback.”

    “Yeah, but nothing will bring back what she lost.”

    “All those poor lost lunches.”

    “I think you mean delicious lunches. She should be a chef. Why else would I take her lunch every day. And it’s her own fault. She should know not to leave it in the fridge by now.”

Flash Fiction Month day 23. Yes, I know 22 isn't up yet. Still working on it. It will be up later. I felt like doing a dialogue prompt piece today and I used the prompt "You either get "truth" or "justice" not both" suggested by SarcasticCupcake5. I like dialogue stories. They are often silly reads.

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July 23, 2016
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