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    I walked in that shop with a head full of dreams and a heart ready to win. I left with a handful of black marbles and no idea why.

    Each marble was black with a tiny sparkle inside, swirling, spiraling, and zigzagging like phosphene. I wasn’t sure where I learned that word or even what it meant, but it seemed like the right word for what I saw inside them. Strange, beautiful, and mystical was what they were. They held the answers I needed, though what those answers were was a mystery.

    Until I dropped one.

    Then there was a shadow that passed over me. For the briefest moment, I knew everything. The whole of the universe was laid out before me, and I could see the patterns in it all. There was a rhyme and reason for it all. There was a purpose to it all, though we lowly mortals were but a tiny part. Our place wouldn’t stop it, merely slow it down.

    And then it was gone as if it had never happened at all. I was left with the faint feeling of once knowing it all. Now I knew none of it, just that I once had.

    Yet, despite it all, I felt a great peace in knowing I couldn’t make a wrong decision. I didn’t matter. Nothing I did would change the universe or even humanity, so there was no need to worry about failure. Just live as well as I could knowing I was the only one who’s life I would really change.

    So I walked away with a head full of hope, a heart full of peace, and still no idea exactly what had happened to me on that day.

Flash Fiction Month day 28. So close to the end I can taste it now. It's minty fresh. This one was done using the one word prompt "phosphene (noun) - the luminous floating stars, zigzags, swirls, spirals, squiggles, and other shapes that one sees when closing one's eyes tight and pressing them with one's fingers."

ComicaNostalgia Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2016
This is a bit more philosophical than your other FF's... rather surprising that determinism could bring so much hope. Anyway, I'd consider myself fortunate (or blessed) if I succeeded in changing my own life Nod (... change for the better, i mean) 
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July 28, 2016
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