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    “Have you ever done it before?” she asked as she jabbed the needle into the rainbow filled vial.

    The answer was no, of course, but Liam didn’t want to appear stupid, so he gave a quick nod. He’d already come this far, meeting her in this run down abandoned house just outside of town. This was not time to back out now.

    “This isn’t kids stuff, you know,” she added, watching him closely with her dark eyes.

    He licked his lips. “I’m not a kid.”

    The girl grinned and snorted out a laugh. “You’re still in high school. You’re still a kid.”

    Liam pushed up his sleeve and held it out to her. “I paid you, didn’t I? I cam here for a some unicorn blood and I’m getting it.” She was only a couple of years older, so where did she get off calling him a kid. She was probably tapping some unicorn trapped in her basement and selling the blood to pay for college. Really, she should be nicer. He could just call the cops on her.

    She gestured towards the molding couch. “You should lay down. This shit isn’t like the cheap powder crap you snort in the little boys’ room. This shit is pure. Packs a real punch.”

    He dropped onto the couch, but stayed sitting up. “I can handle it.”

    The raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. She gripped the bottle with her teeth, and grabbed his arm, feeling for a vein with her thumb. “Thith’ll th’ing a bi’,” she muttered. She flicked a spot on his hand, making the blue vein there stand up more. “Relax you hand.”

    Liam did. She pinched the vein and jabbed the needle in. There was a sharp prink on the skin. The rainbow unicorn blood shot into his vein like cold acid. He could feel it traveling up his arm, burning the whole way. The skin on his arm turned bright red and blistered up to his elbow.

    This was a bad idea.

    When the last drops of violet left the syringe, she ripped it out and held her thumb over when she stabbed him.

    Liam’s whole body wobbled. The room was spinning. He could feel the earth moving. It was too fast. He couldn’t slow it down or get off.

    When she let go, he fell over on the couch. His whole body was paralyzed.

    “Enjoy the ride,” she seemed to shout, but it sounded from far away.

    His ears began to roar like the wind was passing too fast. The ceiling turned into melting rainbows. The couch was floating on a sea of rainbow. She was gone now. He was being carried off down a river to who knows where. His whole world was a dazzling array of colors. Colors he’d never seen before. Colors he couldn’t put words to. Colors that told the secrets of the universe — where it came from and where it was going. Secrets not even God knew.

    Liam smiled. This was why unicorns were going extinct.

Flash Fiction Month day 17. More than halfway done and not a challenge thankfully. This one was done to this picture prompt suggested by ilyilaice

ilyilaice Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2016
What a trippy story. I enjoyed the ride, certainly.
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July 17, 2016
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